We live and buy more and more consciously. We want to know what our products contain, where they were made, what were the standards of the production process. No matter what we buy, whether it’s food, fruit, vegetables or cosmetics - we care about quality of items and how they were made. We are even more careful when we purchase products for our babies.
We make sure that toys are certified and that they are safe to play with. It is important to us whether fruits and vegetables purchased at the street market are organic and eco-friendly and whether detergent we use does not cause allergies.
The same questions should be asked when we buy clothes for our little ones. Usually labels we see on garments say ‘100% cotton’ and we trust that we are dealing with a completely natural product. Nothing could be more misleading. The so-called ‘conventional world cotton industry’ uses approximately 25% of chemical insecticides and 10% of pesticides.
Therefore, COODO sews clothing from organic cotton, which is grown in a natural way, for the sake of our little ones and with respect for the environment in which we live.
Organic cotton is sourced from organic farming, which does not apply chemical pesticides and fertilisers, therefore, it does not accumulate harmful substances. Organic farmers collect cotton manually, so the cotton is much cleaner, and wash it with mild, natural ingredients. These treatments largely affect the cotton’s quality.
Clothes made out of such materials have only advantages, among which are the following:
- healthy - they don’t contain chemicals, they don’t irritate sensitive skin and they ‘breathe’ better
- nicer to touch - the materials are softer and thicker
- more durable - they don’t get worn out so quickly and they last longer. That’s why they can be worn by more than one child.
- ethical and ecological - they are made with a great respect to the environment and people that make them.
Organic cotton, we use are certified and meets all of the international production standards (from growing our cotton to colouring our garments) and social criteria (working conditions). Furthermore, all our packaging and marketing materials are manufactured in Poland from mostly organic, recycled components.
We work according to our philosophy - we don’t take shortcuts and we don’t compromise anything- acting in an ecological and ethical way is the most important to us.