A beautiful, stylish journal for every mum, who wants to write down her thoughts, decisions and observations. It can be an opportunity to create a beautiful, intimate letter to a child, which can later become a present for their 18th birthday, or for any other significant occasion. The journal is a result of our cooperation with an award winning designer Magdalena Tekieli.

95,00 zł

Only Polish language version is available.

It has been carefully designed and made out of recycled materials. Stylishly packaged in a cardboard box with a bow, it’s a great present for a soon-to-be mum, or one who has just given birth.

The diary creates a space for every author. It triggers creativity without pressurising and requiring specific information. It includes 176 pages - each one of them is different. There are lined, checked, dotted and blank pages to remind you that every day is different and you should always approach it with originality.
Small-Big Things Diary is there for you to be filled with drawings, notes and photographs. Every page has a space to write down a year, a month and a day, but it doesn’t require you to write every day. It is up to you when you want to add notes.

There are 9 chapters in the journal. Each of them has a space for a title. On the inside cover you will find a small pocket for your favourite photo, or other small souvenirs. After 7 pages we placed ‘leave a message’ section, along with instructions on how to make a small envelope out of them - it can be a letter written by relatives and friends to your little one. This section also includes a small rubber band, and a cotton bookmark to mark the most important parts.