Our values


We believe that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Here, at COODO, we create clothes and items, which are characterised by minimalism of design and colour. For us, simplicity is a value in itself. We strive to ensure that the production process is conducted in a traditional way that is as simple as possible. We care about you, but also the environment and people engaged in the production process


We encourage you to do your shopping wisely and consciously. Don’t buy in large quantities, buy garments that will make you happy for longer.

We don’t follow latest trends. Our products are simple and classic, therefore timeless.

High quality is our priority and we put all our energy to make clothes that are not only beautiful, but eco-friendly and durable, so they can be worn by more than one child.

Every single item from our collection can be mixed and matched with others, which gives you a possibility to create interesting styles with only a few garments. 

We invite you to our showroom House of COODO in Warsaw, where you can shop slowly and consciously. Let us make your and your baby’s shopping experience as pleasant as possible


Before a COODO garment gets to their little owner, it needs to go through a long process. We pay great attention to every, even the smallest element, of it, so that the final product is of the highest quality and the whole process is conducted in accordance to our values. We make sure that only natural means and methods are used. Additionally, the working atmosphere, in which our products are created, is very important to us. Our clothes and other products, including packaging, are entirely designed and produced in Poland. We work with local businesses. We personally know our suppliers and we like to work together with them.

Here, at Coodo we believe that positive energy we put into everything we do will also reach our little customers.