Brand philosophy 


Coodo has been created to promote better quality and as a protest against poor quality that is creeping into our lives. Against: poor quality of products we buy; poor quality of materials they are made of; poor quality of conditions in which they are made in; poor quality of shopping - done in a  rush; poor quality of relationships; poor quality of space and items that surround us. We want our products and the way we act to be as they should be - without taking ‘shortcuts’ and without compromises.


In Poland we use the word COODO to describe tiny miracles that happen every day.

We live in a world, where it’s easy to miss small, every day things. We believe that it is important to notice them and celebrate them, to watch life that goes on around you and pay attention to tiny miracles, which happen every day. Our mission is to encourage adults to let themselves be entranced by the small-great things that happen all around us, all the time - just like children are entranced by them all.


Acting in accordance with the values is our way of life. Therefore, we can not imagine conduct business in a different way. Here, at  COODO everything we do, all the decisions we make - both tiny everyday, and large strategic ones must be consistent with the three values: SIMPLICITY, POSITIVE ENERGY AND SLOW PHILOSOPHY.